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After taking the past few months away from pencils, paints, brushes and canvases, I’ve dipped my toes back into making some paintings.

Nearly all my tools and materials are in the countryside, but do I have a few small canvases, primary color pigments, and paint brushes lying around our city apartment. They have been enough to get me back to making things I can then look at and build on.

Not quite yet completed (stretchers need to be adjusted, canvases varnished), they are meant to look forward to the Spring that, at least in the Northeast, has arrived only on the calendar. Making them, I had to reacquaint myself with things like line, form, volume, color, negative and positive space. And I kept thinking of “The Dance,” by Henri Matisse. Beyond such a thought, no other comparison with that great painting is intended!

These are small, simple things, but at least now my fear of starting again is overcome…

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2015 No. 3