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Bloody ‘ell! It seems that I can’t escape a single report in the American press on the World Cup without encountering, either in print or verbally, the word “nil.”

Has the Yank press gone bonkers? What is it with this latest American swoon over a Britishism? Is it the latest attempt by the media, which has long been Anglophile in an unseemly way that exhibits a sense of cultural inferiority, to suck up?  Do reporters/editors/commentators believe it adds authenticity to their reports on what still is to most Americans a foreign sport?

Sorry, but on this side of the Atlantic it is still “zero, nothing or zip” to describe when a team fails to score, as in: “Indians shut out Braves 6-0.”

So, please, stop the pretentiousness. I’ve already had to endure the blight of “spot on” that has infected American English, a creepy substitute for the normal “exactly.”

But, enough for now. I think I need to visit the loo…